Usage Regulations

All gym users must carefully read the following terms and conditions and submit a signed copy of this document before using GCGCNY facilities. A PDF version of this document can be accessed here.


  1. GCGCNY reserves the right to limit the number of users that are permitted to use the facilities at any given time.
  2. GCGCNY shall not be held responsible for any injuries.
  3. GCGCNY shall not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  4. GCGCNY shall not be held responsible for stolen vehicles or any damage to said vehicles while using the public parking areas.
  5. All users shall park their vehicles only in properly designated parking areas. Parking in restricted areas or 'fire routes' as defined by the fire department pose a danger to all occupants of the building and violators may have their vehicles towed at the vehicle owner's expense.
  6. There are no daycare facilities, playground or babysitting services provided by GCGCNY. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) or the accompanying adult to look after and control the children in their charge at all times while in the gym so as not to endanger themselves or other members or disturb other users.
  7. Users shall not conduct, purchase or subscribe to any commercial business or activity on gym premises or solicit other users for any reason without the GCGCNY's written consent.
  8. There is a no smoking by-law which prohibits smoking anywhere in the premises.
  9. At the end of the designated period, all users will promptly vacate the gym. There are no exceptions.
  10. GCGCNY has the right to expel or ban from its facilities users who violate these policies.
  11. GCGCNY reserves the right to change, amend or modify the rules and regulations as herein contained at any time without prior notice to the users.

Dress Code

  1. Access to the main and auxiliary gyms will only be given to users who are wearing proper attire as may be determined by GCGCNY from time to time.
  2. Proper non-marking athletic footwear must be worn at all times in the gym. Black sole shoes are not permitted on the gym floor. There are no exceptions.
  3. No one wearing street shoes, black soled shoes of any kind or wet court shoes will be permitted to enter the main or auxiliary gym. Proper gym shoes must be clean and dry. Players must change into their gym shoes before entering the gym. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. Profane, derogatory or inflammatory slogans on any attire are deemed to be unacceptable.

Personal Conduct

  1. All users will exercise and follow proper court etiquette at all times when using the facilities.
  2. Users will conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other players, their matches and their enjoyment of the facilities.
  3. Users shall restrain themselves from using profanities while in the premises.
  4. When approached by any GCGCNY staff member or designate about breaches of the rules and regulations, users shall comply immediately.

Functions and Activities

It is my understanding that participating in the programs and recreational and other activities of Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York (GCGCNY) is a privilege. Prior to my participation in such activities, I acknowledge that there are certain risks associated with the activities, including, by way of example, physical injury due to activity-related accidents, physical injury due to transportation-related accidents, illness, or even death. In addition, I acknowledge that there may be other risks inherent in these activities of which I may not be presently aware.

Agreement and Release of Liability

I/my child agree(s) to abide by the above conditions.

By signing this permission/waiver form, I expressly warrant that I/my child am/is capable of withstanding both the physical and mental demands of the activities discussed above. I also expressly assume all risks of my/my child's participation in the activities, whether such risks are known or unknown to me at this time. I further release GCGCNY and its ministers, leaders, volunteers, and agents from any claim that I/my child may have against them as a result of injury or illness incurred during the course of participation in the activities. This release of liability shall include (without limitation) any claims of negligence or breach of warranty. This release of liability also covers all claims that members of my/my child's family or estate, heirs, representatives, or assigns may have against GCGCNY or its ministers, leaders, volunteers, or agents.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless GCGCNY and its ministers, leaders, volunteers, or agents from any and all claims arising from my/my child's participation in its activities and programs, or as a result of injury or illness of me/my child during such activities.


Participant's name: ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

If >18 years old:

Signature of Participant: ______________________________

Participant's contact number: ______________________________

If <18 years old:

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________

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